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— “One Person’s Magazine”Sharing Session

andthe Exhibition of Sadako’s Unfashionable Fashion Dairy - Not Really AboutFashion




About the sharing session


We invited the editor of independent magazine LOST and ENCOUNTERS, Nelson and Shinto share they work process and experiences in basis of the theme “One Person’s Magazine”. Rosa, the founder of nomorning bookshop, held this meeting and chatted with the guests.


Nelson,the editor of LOST, is born in Singapore and have studied in New York. Since 2004, he starts to travel around the world. He lives in Shanghai and catches funny ideas while listening Jazz.


Shin lives in Beijing. She’ve founded ENCOUNTERS in October 2012 and take it to Tokyo Art Book Fair and Singaporean Art Book Fair. As continuing independent creation, she opens a mixed space, Living Room, offering overall creative life experience.




Sokkuan Tye’s Bio:


"I am someone who admires the harmonious and charming contradictions in people and things. "


Born in Malaysia, currently based in Singapore, Sokkuan works as a freelance illustrator.

As an artist (during her free time from commercial jobs), Sokkuan is known for her playful alter egos. Her “Sadako’s Unfashionable Fashion Diary – Not Really About Fashion” is a series of quirky illustrations and photographs that reimagine Sadako from The Ring.


Synopsis for Sadako's Diary: 


Everyone knows Sadako from The Ring (1998). With her long hair and white robe, the famous ghost emerges out of a wall. Everyone who has seen her dies from fright. 


But what if she only waited to make friends? 


It is from this angle that I first started "Sadako's Unfashionable Fashion Diary" three years ago. This project was partly to cure myself of my own Sadako trauma (I stopped watching horror movies after The Ring), and partly to do a creative rewrite of the ghost's scary image. I ended up with many series of experimental works in different media — illustrations, photography and video —which hopefully illuminate different facets of this character: one that is melancholy, quirky, playful and brave. 

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