If you travel with a question,
The silent trees,
The caressing wind,
The majestic mountains,
The gentle oceans,
The unfamiliar people,
The friendly animals,
The empty buildings,
The soft music,
The words on the walls,
And the journey itself
Will answer you.

Issue Four is 17.5cmx24cm, bilingual (English & Chinese) and features 10 personal travel stories.

Featured stories:

Daniel Alford expresses what it feels like to be a speck on a speck on a speck in the universe through his landscape photography series “Tiny People Big Places”.

James Connolly shares his experience of buying a rooster for its libido in snow-covered Aru in “The Killing Chicken”.

Kailing Ting writes about the accidents and misadventures she and her travel mate Kenta have together in “Trouble Mate”.

Mark Aitken embarks on the Camino de Santiago as a response to the sudden death of a friend in “Dreaming of Earth”.

Marlies Plank documents the clashing of different tourists, travelers and locals at a small beach town in India through her photo series “Tourists”.

How hard could it be to buy a train ticket in China? Melvin Sterne shares his personal experience in “Take The A Train”.

Issue Four stories:

Vacuum Travel / Window Seat / Tiny People Big Places / The Killing Chicken / Trouble Mate / Dreaming of Earth / Tourists / The Beijing Tea House Scam / Remembering London / Take The A Train

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